Meet the Florida Adoption Team!

If you want to adopt a baby or you are considering placing a baby for adoption, please contact our team any time! We are hear for you 24/ 7, 365 days a year. Call 1.800.251.0497 or contact us online by clicking here.

Florida Adoption Attorney on the phone with pregnant girl.

Adoption Attorneys

Experienced Florida adoption attorneys are ready to help! The attorneys may work with families looking for help adopting a child and mothers looking for someone to adopt their baby. Legally bound adoptions are meticulous requiring extreme attention to every detail. Vast experience working with adoption laws in Florida make attorneys an invaluable part of the adoption network as we work to unite babies with adoptive families!

“I love doing what I do!”

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Adoption coordinators and those in the network agree to our service standard and this golden rule.


The staff helps to tie our network together. Sometimes requiring support services for birth moms and adoptive families. We have worked with some of the nation’s top family law firms and adoption agencies. When women need help the most, our staff is ready.

“Adopting a baby is love!”

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The Florida Adoption Coordinators.

Adoption Coordinators

Our network includes amazing people with unparalleled energy and dedication. We seek to provide an incredible service to women who are facing difficult decisions while giving families who are wanting to adopt a baby the best possible experience. While our team provides for our own families at home, we coordinate a complex physical, emotional, financial and legal process.

“We love life!”

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