Pregnant Women and Birth Mothers

To begin the adoption process, a pregnant woman first selects a loving family looking to adopt a child as her baby’s adoptive family. Once the adoptive family is selected, the birth mother and the family typically will start getting to know each other and decide on a birth and adoption plan.

Open Adoption Banner ImageWhile pregnant and for a short time afterwards, pregnant women may receive financial assistance for housing, rent, food, medical care, household necessities, maternity clothing, and more.

Once the baby is born, the birth mother can visit with the baby as long as she wants, as the termination of parental rights cannot be signed until 48 hours after the baby’s birth, unless the birth mother is released from the hospital sooner. Regardless, a birth mother is allowed to spend as much time with her baby after birth as she wants before making her final decision.

The Florida Statutes on adoption restrict the final transfer of parental rights until after birth to protect the birth mom’s best interest and those of the newborn baby.

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Money for expenses available to help pregnant women with:

Assistance Available to Pregnant Women:

  • Counseling
  • Support group meetings
  • An opportunity to meet with previous birth mothers for support
  • Assistance with future plans such as schooling and work
  • Financial assistance including:
    • Housing, including rent and relocations
    • Medical, counseling & legal expenses
    • Food, toiletries, clothing, phone service, transportation and utilities
    • Other expenses deemed necessary by the courts

When our adoption team’s services are utilized to the full potential, we will help birth mothers improve their life going into the future. We help young women learn about grants for education and getting skills to obtain better paying jobs.

Florida courts distinguish between biological parents and adopting families using the terms “birth moms” or “birth parents.” Families that do adopt a baby are legally known as “adoptive parents.”

How to Place a Baby for Adoption in Florida

Florida adoption laws allow pregnant women who are considering adoption a lot of leeway on making the decision and what form of adoption they choose. We always recommend an open adoption that allows contact between the parties, but we can help facilitate closed adoptions through which birth parents’ information will remain private under certain legal guidelines.

Our team hopes the following information can help you. We have chosen to go over the open adoption process, but the closed and semi-closed adoption options are similar.

If you would like a one-on-one consultation with professionals facilitating adoptions in Florida everyday, to help to answer your questions, please contact us anytime.

Step One: Florida Baby Adoption Consultation

First, contact our Florida baby adoption professionals to schedule a time for a free consultation. We will go over the baby adoption process and answer all your questions. There are a lot of different options available to women and our team can help you learn more about them. You will begin learning about the creation of an adoption plan, and when you decide on adoption, you will immediately be eligible for financial assistance.

Step Two: Finding a Florida Family to Adopt Your Baby

Choosing who will “adopt my baby” is a very exciting time for birth moms!

Birth moms or women who are pregnant can review family profiles and interview the families they choose. Our team will help you go through the profiles and reach out to prospective parents for your child. As a birth mom, you are able to decide a lot about your child’s future. You have an opportunity to learn the qualities of the families you meet and whether they match your expectations.

You decide who will adopt your baby!

Step Three: Giving Birth Finalizing the Florida Adoption

The day your baby is born, the adoption plan will delegate responsibilities for all parties involved including attorneys, hospital staff, adoption coordinators and others. If your plan allows, the family adopting the baby will be at your side as you go into labor and while you give birth. In most cases we handle the birth mom and adoptive family are very close by the time the baby is born.

Your adoption plan will also determine what happens after the baby is born. Florida laws allow you to spend as much time with the newborn you wish.

Signing the Paperwork to Finalize the Adoption

To finalize the adoption process you will need to sign consent forms.

Florida law states that you can not finalize the adoption before the child is born. You can only do it after the baby is born and you are discharged from the hospital or 48 hours after birth.

Please contact us with any questions you have about Florida baby adoptions!