Adoptive Parents

When you’re waiting to adopt a child in Florida, the anticipation and stress can be overwhelming. The long journey ahead requires extensive background checks, the Florida home study program completion, creation of family profiles, and then waiting… Waiting for a birth mom to choose your family.

Our Adoption Team works with non-profit pregnancy, education and adoption organizations, state social workers, Florida attorneys and other professionals in the community to maintain a strong network of adoption professionals to facilitate the process.

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The Steps to Baby Adoption in Florida!

The steps that must be taken to adopt a baby are different than those that must be taken to adopt a child in the foster care system. The process typically includes a free consultation on the process, a Florida approved home study and background checks. Once the initial steps have been completed, the family is ready to be matched with a child or newborn baby.

Below you will find a general overview of the path that must be followed in order to be eligible to bring a child home and awarded legal parental rights.

Please let us know if you have any questions, and we will happily assist you in any way we can.

Step One: Free Baby Adoption Consultation

When you contact our team we will schedule a time for a free consultation to go over the baby adoption process. The consult will allow you to meet or talk with experienced adoption professionals and counselors that will give you an overview of the entire adoption process and answer your questions.

Step Two: The Florida Home Study and Background Checks

The Florida home study is designed to make sure adopted children have a safe and secure home.

An adoption team member will schedule visits to your home. Typically a social worker will talk to your family about adoption the reasons for wanting to adopt. Florida requires information about your financial situation, your parenting styles and philosophy. You may be asked about your marriage if it is applicable. You will be required to provide references from employers, school officials and others who know you and your family.

You should be open and honest during the home study. Always remember that the entire process is designed to be in the best interest of the child.

Step Three: Finding a Baby to Adopt

When your home study is completed, our team will begin the process to match you with a birth mother. A mother who decides to place a baby for adoption in Florida will be able to review family profiles and to interview the families they choose. Our team will help you create your profile using our past experience to make it presentable in a way that will attract their attention.

Step Four: Legally Matching With a Birth Mom

The birth mother will have an “adoption plan” that the adoptive family must agree to. Typically the family that will adopt the baby provides financial and other assistance for the birth mother while she is pregnant.

Step Five: Finalizing the Florida Adoption

On the day of birth, the adoption plan will delegate responsibilities for all parties involved including attorneys, hospital staff, adoption coordinators and others.. If the birth mothers allows, the family adopting the baby may be able to join the birth mother as she gives labor.

The plan will determine what happens after the baby is born. The birth mom will be able to spend as much time with the newborn they wish and it can be a very stressful time for the adoptive family as they await the legal end to the process.

Signing the Paperwork to Finalize the Adoption

To finish the process the birth mother will need to sign consent forms for the Florida adoption be legally set in stone.

A birth mother can not finalize her decision before the child is born. The final consent to adoption in Florida can only be given after birth. The paperwork that must be signed will not be completed until the birth mom is discharged from the hospital or 48 hours after birth. The finalization in Florida is irrevocable upon signing.